If you own income properties and now it is difficult to manage like before yours proprieties, if you want to enjoy the fruits of your work and you need help, then you need us.

We’ll  take care of the management and all the problems which intervene by leaving you the time to control better  your business and enjoy life. Our services can easily follow and adapt to your preferences.


· Repairs

With your acceptance, a detailed evaluation of your building will be made and a report will be presented to you with corrective measures.

Minor or larger repairs will become our priority, as you want. A submission to three or four contractors will be made, a report will be presented to you and you will decide.

· Building maintenance

To ensure that the cleanliness and proper functioning of the electrical, mechanical and fire systems work as expected, we make regular visits to the building and we speak for you with the staff and companies involved.

· Snow removal work

We will manage contactor submissions and check if the work is done well and in the established terms.

· Rent collection

We’ll take care of rent collection. A list of accounts payable and the balance sheet will be presented to you regularly.

· Notices to increase the lease.

According to your increase guidelines, each year we prepare them and distribute them to the tenants. We provide appropriate follow-up.

Free accommodation: To avoid surprises, any free accommodation we will know in advance. Our role is to have it refurbished and rent it out as soon as possible.

New tenants will need to complete an engagement form and the lease will be signed after a credit check has been completed by our office.

We will do all the procedures with the Régie du logement for tenants who do not pay the rent or who damage the rented apartment.

· For all emergencies, both janitors and tenants can contact us beyond our opening hours.

· For each of the buildings we manage, a plan to follow in the event of an emergency will be made. This plan will contain what to do if flooding, a list of contractors to call as needed. We would be on site during emergencies.

Contact us. We will be happy to assist you in the management of your income property.


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