Knowledge, experience, professionalism and availability reflect the skills that are the basis of our co-ownership management approach, in order to increase the market value of your co-ownership and ensure the peace of mind of co-owners.

At your disposal will be qualified, efficient and very courteous staff. All of our managers have completed at least one year of specialized training in condominium management in a recognized college or university and have a lot of experience in this field.

With ActifCondo, you work with a specific manager. At your disposal will also be our entire team in solving more complex problems. Working with us also gives you at competitive prices access to entrepreneurs working in this field.

According to the particular needs of your condominium, we adapt our services which are at very competitive prices.


Financial and accounting management

· Collect co-ownership fees (electronic or by post-dated check)

· Prepare monthly union financial statements

· Provide consultancy for the preparation of the annual budget

· Pay bills for mainstream services, suppliers, contractors

In order to respect the pre-established budgets at the annual general meeting, the monthly balance sheet of the financial statements will be presented to the administrators of the union.

Relationship with the union

· Participate in meetings of the Board of Directors (CA)

· Prepare the Annual General Meeting of co-owners

· Write minutes after the board meeting

· Be a liaison person between administrators and co-owners


Relationship with co-owners

· Welcome any newcomer (co-owner or tenant)

 · Give the resident manual

· Write memos and notices to co-owners

· Keep the register of co-ownership up to date

· Respond to requests from co-owners

Maintenance and repair

· Prepare tenders, analyze and negotiate bids

· Implement the Building Regulations and supervise compliance with the rules

· Follow the warranty plan for new residential buildings

· Prepare the preventive maintenance program

· Prepare a security plan in case of disaster

· Manage important projects and works

Human Resource Management

· Hire union staff

· Preparation and establishment of tasks

· Supervise and assess staff


For more information, contact us. We will be happy to assist you in the management of your condominium.

Simplify your life with these multiple services offered by our competent managers at a very competitive price.

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